Setting up a tropical freshwater tank: basic equipment

January 6th, 2010 by Katie 
Good preparation will contribute to a fantastic fish tank.  Here are some of the basic things which prospective keepers of tropical fish will need… Aquarium and stand Nowadays, aquariums come in all different shapes and sizes.  Take some time to think about where you will position your tank.  Remember that the tank may need space behind for pipes and wires. Also, the tank will need an electricity...

Alternative foods for tropical freshwater fish

January 5th, 2010 by Katie 
When I started keeping fish, I would simply feed them tropical fish food and live food from the fish shop.  But, after a while, I offered my fish a little cucumber and haven’t looked back.  Here are some of the readily available alternative foods which I have given to my tropical freshwater fish: Cucumber My fish like it best when peeled.  I remove the very soft centre and slide a spoon through....

Bullying: a dwarf loach and an angelfish

January 4th, 2010 by Katie 
There’s little more relaxing than watching a thriving aquarium and the wonderful  interaction between fish and their environment.  However, when things inside the aquarium cease to be wonderful, it becomes a stressful experience for both fish and fishkeeper. A number of factors conspired (in my opinion) and contributed to what I perceive to be a persistant bullying problem in my aquarium.  I...

Cleaning aquarium glass

January 2nd, 2010 by Katie 
Although fish are generally not bothered by the clarity of their tank’s glass, unclear glass can hinder our enjoyment of them. The interior glass of a fish tank can become obscured by algae.  This can be easily removed with an algae scraper.  On a glass tank, use a scraper with a metal blade. The exterior glass should not be cleaned with conventional glass cleaners as they contain chemicals...

Advantages and disadvantages of using wood in a freshwater aquarium

January 1st, 2010 by Katie 
Most people consider wood to be an attractive aquarium feature.  There are some significant advantages and disadvantages to using wood in a fish tank. Advantages: Wood will lower the water’s pH level.  As such, it is particularly useful for fish who prefer acidic water (eg angelfish). Some fish, such as plecos, need wood as part of their natural diet. Pieces of wood can provide excellent hiding...

Angelfish dilemna

January 1st, 2010 by Katie 
Recently, I sadly lost one of a pair of freshwater angelfish.  I have read that the remaining angelfish could stop eating with the worst case scenario being its death.  However, I have also heard that the remaining angelfish may not bond with a new angel and could become aggressive and territorial.  I sought professional help and was advised that the decision would always be a gamble as it would...

Tetra AquaArt Light (5th update)

May 23rd, 2009 by Katie 
Shortly after contacting Tetra Customer Services about my faulty light, another lid arrived via courier. This would be my third lid. Unfortunately, the lid had no light bulb fitted. I contacted Customer Services again. They have decided to send me another lid with a bulb fitted. So much for ‘third time lucky’!

Tetra AquaArt light (4th update)

May 16th, 2009 by Katie 
I’ve been having ongoing problems with the light which is fitted in the lid of my Tetra AquaArt aquarium. This has been compounded by difficulties contacting Tetra Customer Services. After emailing twice and receiving no response from them, I filled in the ‘contact’ form on Tetra’s UK website. This gave me the opportunity to outline my problem…again. I had hoped to...

How I got rid of problem algae (without using chemicals)

March 15th, 2009 by Katie 
When I first noticed a strange algae on one of my plants, my heart sank! I spent some time trying to work out what type of algae was growing in my tank: fuzz, hair, beard, brush…. The long, fine strands which moved with the water current seemed most likely to be beard algae. Beard algae is an ugly and virulent algae which I really didn’t want in my tank. It had to go! By the time that...

Review of the Fluval Roma 200 Aquarium and Cabinet Package

March 6th, 2009 by Katie 
As I’ve had my Fluval Roma 200 aquarium set up and running for a while now, I thought I’d attempt a review of it’s main features. The tank itself has external dimensions of 100cm(W)x40cm(D)x55cm(H) and holds 200 litres of water.  It is a rectangular tank which is made of 10mm thick glass.  The aquarium set comes with lighting, heater and filter.  I only needed to buy a suitable...